Title: Built 4 It
Author: Daisy Harris
Publication Date: January 4, 2012

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
Ben Spiegel has struggled with his job as a lab assistant at Built4, a company that reanimates corpses (known as ‘steins’) to be used in medical research. As the steins begin to demonstrate more human-like qualities, his guilt over his work grows. At the same time, the alpha stein, Kee, has captured his attention and it seems Ben may have captured Kee’s as well. As Ben’s ethics are pushed to their limits, he finds that he may not exactly have to follow all the rules – and Kee just might have a chance to regain some of his humanity.

I particularly enjoyed this book. It’s M/M erotica (there are a few explicit scenes), but the author has done a great job of balancing the graphic sex with the development of the characters and relationships. It is the third book in the series, but don’t let that be off-putting. I’ve not read the previous two (YET! I plan to, now…) but the world is presented in a way that knowledge of previous events isn’t needed to jump in and know what’s going on. A great choice for those interested in M/M with a bit of a paranormal and almost dystopian twist, first times, and unlikely lovers.

(eGalley provided by Ellora’s Cave via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)