Title: The High King’s Golden Tongue
Author: Megan Derr
Publication Date: May 1, 2012

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
Prince Allen Gaulden, sent to High King Sarrica to be his new consort, finds himself summarily rejected by his intended. Feeling he cannot stay in the palace and knowing the shame and guilt he would be subjected to if he returned home, Allen sets out for an afternoon in the city before deciding what to do. By chance, he finds himself helpful to the leader of a band of mercenaries and is invited to join them on a secret (yet dangerous) mission they’ve been assigned by the High King. When things don’t go as planned, Sarrica is forced to both rethink and explain his actions, but will Allen come home safely and what might the future hold for them.

I found the storytelling to be thoroughly enjoyable. The author drops readers into this rich world, with history and backstory that seems like it could go on for pages and pages, but masterfully delivers it in an engaging way throughout. The characters of Allen and Sarrica demonstrate complexity that is often hard to find in stories of this length and I found myself wanting to read more about both the history and the future of this kingdom.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a M/M romance in a medieval fantasy setting. Overall, it’s a bit fluffy (no abundance of steamy romance here, though it is an 18+ read), but is a beautiful and encouraging story.