Title: The Sparrow
Author: Mary Doria Russell
Publication Date: September 9, 1996

Rating: ★ ★ ★  
I picked this up because it was the selection for a book club I joined recently. I found myself pulled in from the beginning and it was one that was difficult to put down. I’m torn between being excited I found this book and disappointed I never stumbled across it sooner, but I’m sticking with the latter.

Russell tells us the story, spanning a 60 year period, in a unique way. The book opens near the end of that period of time and then slowly reveals what happened through flashbacks interspersed with conversations from the present. It allows for some of the mystery to exist throughout the entire book and to build strong connections with the characters.

I loved the characters and the storytelling. The science-fiction setting and dystopian elements were just enough to keep me intrigued even though I don’t know that I’d say this book fits squarely into either genre. I definitely recommend it to fans of both.

Trigger warnings: [Violence, major character death, sexual assault]