Title: Not My Wolf
Author: Eden Cole
Publication Date: February 2011

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
Corey, the Alpha of a fenrir pack in Colorado, has started having dreams about his mate. He knows how important meeting his mate will be not only to him but to his entire pack – it should provide a great boost to his leadership. And when he describes the woman from his dream to his Beta, he’s intrigued to learn that his Beta’s current boyfriend has a sister that just might fit the bill. But when Corey meets them on a double-date, will he be prepared for the identity of his mate to be revealed? And what will he do if his mate doesn’t measure up to his expectations?

This is a charming and sweet short, with just enough conflict and twisting to keep things interesting without trying to pack too much into the space of a smaller number of pages. I’m definitely glad to see this is part of a series, because I’m curious about what’s next for the fenrir pack and its leaders.

Content warning: [Dubious consent]