Title: Whitetail Rock
Author: Anne Tenino
Publication Date: July 30, 2011

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
Nik never expects too much excitement when he goes back to visit his parents in the small town where he grew up. He never really fit in there and it never seemed like there was much to offer. But this particular summer, he’s surprised to find Trooper Jurgen Dammerung, a well-built state trooper who quickly takes an interest in Nik and isn’t willing to just let that all drop when Nik returns to school in the fall. But is Nik ready for what Jurgen wants from him? Can Nik get past the history he associates with his hometown and let Jurgen past that wall? And can they manage to keep something going if they’re hours apart?

Generally, I liked this one. The characters are dynamic – even the side characters – and I found myself curious about what was going to happen to them. I feel like Jurgen comes on a bit too strongly at first – it almost made me a bit uncomfortable – but I liked him a lot more as the book went on.