Title: Downtime
Author: Tamara Allen
Publication Date: January 2007

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
FBI Agent Morgan Nash couldn’t have expected the adventure he’d experience while on assignment in London. Right in the middle of confronting his target, he is pulled back in time to 19th century London by three friends who had no idea that reciting a bit of Latin from an old spellbook could actually work. Out of his element, Nash finds he has to make do in the past when the book goes missing and he doesn’t know how he’ll get home. But maybe one of his new friends will help his new surroundings feel like home while one of London’s most notorious serial killers awaits his capture.

Historical fiction? M/M romance? A bit of mystery and suspense? Three things I very much enjoy and this book delivers. Tamara Allen creates a rich setting in the 19th century London she creates, with dynamic and believable characters dealing with the constraints of the society around them. The book took just a bit go get me into it, but then from there it was difficult to put down. A solid 4 stars!