Title: B. Quick
Author: C.S. Laurel
Publication Date: November 2, 2005

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
College professor Bill Yates is on his way home after being stood up on Halloween. Having wallowed in his sorrows just a bit at the bar (the only gay bar in the area), he opted to take some backroads and drive slowly, not entirely certain he should be on the road at all. But when he passes someone stopped on the bridge and is fairly certain he sees them throw something over the edge into the river below before driving off, he can’t help stopping to see what it is. And with that, he’s pulled into adventure and a murder mystery like nothing the little town of Lythia has ever seen.

I enjoy a good mystery, especially when it’s one that keeps me guessing and doesn’t leave me with everything figured out in the first half of the book. And this one definitely met that criterion. Also, the cast of characters has a level of intrigue, as does learning how everyone in the small town of Lythia seems to be connected. The m/m romance elements ebb and flow a bit throughout the story, and serve as a nice background or complement to the main mystery in a way that just feels right on so many levels. Basically, the main story seems to be the mystery and C.S. Laurel wisely didn’t try to make the romance be the driver (something I see so often in m/m stories – the author figures that’s why the reader picked up the book, so they assume it needs to be the most prominent aspect of the story), but treated it as just another aspect of the characters lives. Making it all have a level of realism that helped support the main plot.

Definitely recommend this one. Even if you’re not an m/m person, I think you might like it, since the mystery is what holds the plot here.