Title: A Master’s Love
Author: Marty Rayne
Publication Date: April 1, 2007

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
Kyle Turner feels like something is missing from his life, so he reluctantly agrees to see a Dominant as his friend’s suggestion. Nate Jacobs is the specific Dominant to whom he’s assigned, a consummate professional who never allows himself to get too involved with his clients and always respects the boundaries that need to exist in order for his work to be effective. But there’s something different about Kyle and soon Nate is wondering if he can keep to his code.

The story is cute and enjoyable – there are a few explicit scenes – and there wasn’t anything I particularly disliked. The reason for 3 stars, though, is that – even though I recognize it’s a shorter story – I couldn’t help feeling like the level of romance from the time the book started to where it suddenly was at the end (especially considering the amount of time that had passed) was a bit unrealistic. I understand the need to get to some resolution, but I always find it just a bit difficult if the characters fall a bit too fast with no real explanation for it – it just ends up reading as a bit too convenient for me and lacks complexity. But otherwise, I’d recommend this for a quick, fun, happy read.