Title: Love Comes in Darkness
Author: Andrew Grey
Publication Date: August 8, 2013

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
I’m reading this series backwards – not necessarily by design – having picked up book three first and then now moving on to book two. While the stories are interrelated with an overlap in characters, each focuses on a different main character, so you really can pick up whichever one you’d like to start with.

In this one the focus is on Howard Justinian. Howard has been blind from birth and has struggled throughout his life to find the balance involved in asserting his independence – finding that place where he’s not relying on others too much but he’s also not pushing them away. When his current boyfriend, Cedric, kicks him out of the car and leaves him stranded on the side of the highway during a fight, Howard meets Gordy who pulls up to help. Howard is instantly drawn to Gordy (and everyone tells him that the expressions on Gordy’s face seem to indicate a similar sentiment), but Howard wonders if Gordy knows what being with a blind man truly entails. And can Howard figure out how to find that same place of independence with Gordy without pushing him away, too?

Another great book in this series. The relationship dynamics that Andrew Grey has created here are amazing – so complex without feeling contrived in the least. I honestly can’t wait to go pick up book one and learn about the beginnings of a couple that I’ve now come to really like as they’ve been in the background of books two and three.