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The World in His Eyes by A.J. Thomas

The World in His Eyes

Book Info

Title: The World in His Eyes
Author: A.J. Thomas
Published: August 5, 2015
Pages: 128
Publisher: Goodreads M/M Romance Group
Publisher’s Website: link
Rating: ★★★


Larry Myers is a busy guy–he’s completing a residency in emergency medicine–with no time to date. He’s content to hook up with guys he finds on Grindr, appreciating that there are no strings. But when he comes across a photo that moves him–Hazel Eyes–he finds himself compelled to want something more. The owner of those hazel eyes, Brandon Alcott, isn’t any less busy with work himself. A programmer at a software company, he lives in his father’s shadow and needs to work twice as hard as everyone else to be taken seriously. He agrees to meet Larry, expecting another random Grindr hookup, but can’t help acknowledging that Larry might be right about something more. It’s never as simple as just wanting it, though. Work isn’t about to slow down for either of them. And Larry isn’t out to his mother, who is living with cancer in a nursing home, adding a whole extra layer of complication to anything that might happen between the two of them. Can they make it work? And is a spark of connection worth the effort to see if it can turn into more of a flame?

These two guys…I don’t even know where to begin. There’s just something about them that I found instantly endearing. The writing here comes across as authentic, and it’s very easy to get immersed in their story. They go through quite a bit in a short amount of time, but it serves to help them really understand what they want out of life and from each other.

This is the first I’ve read by A.J. Thomas, but I definitely foresee myself picking up more if this is any indication of what to expect…

The Distance Between Us by L.A. Witt

The Distance Between Us

Book Info

Title: The Distance Between Us (Distance Between Us, Book 1)
Author: L.A. Witt
Published: July 6, 2010
Pages: 172
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher’s Website: link
Rating: ★★★★☆


After being in a relationship for a decade, Ethan and Rhett are over. But there’s a slight complication: they can’t sell the house they purchased together until they pay down the mortgage a bit. So they’re stuck living together even though they’re no longer involved. But to speed up the process of paying the mortgage, they agree to rent out a room, and they’re surprised (and feel quite lucky) to get someone like Kieran as the renter. Kieran is a bartender at one of the hottest bars in town, and it isn’t long before both Ethan and Rhett move in. Neither Ethan nor Rhett can fault the other, and Kieran doesn’t seem bothered to be spending time with each of them. And then Ethan announces that he’s interviewing for a job back home in Toronto, and the delicate balance that has built in the house just might topple over.

This was definitely a unique story–I don’t read many where the relationship is over before the book even starts. But despite not actually seeing the breakup on the page, readers should have no trouble picking up the emotions, the angst, and the complications that exist between these two. And, thankfully, it’s not exactly a predictable story, either. I found myself wanting to yell at the characters several times–especially Rhett–but they were all absolutely endearing at the same time. If you like your romance stories with a little more than the average complexity (with full knowledge that it also equates to some extra steaminess), this one is definitely for you.