Drinker Class X by Sasha L. Miller

Drinker Class X

Drinker Class X by Sasha L. Miller

Published by: Less Than Three Press on October 30, 2013
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Laurence works in law enforcement, tracking vampires who’ve gone rogue by bucking the rules of drinking. But when he’s bitten on the job, everything changes. Now he’s a drinker. He needs to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. He also needs to learn self-control to follow the rules. It’s only if he can prove he can follow the rules that he can return to work.

To do this, Laurence must meet with a court-appointed psychiatrist. Dr. Ira Ashwood specializes in newly-turned drinkers. And while Laurence is not one for opening up about his feelings, he finds there’s something about Dr. Ashwood that feels comfortable. And then there’s the fact that the man is attractive. But everything becomes complicated when Laurence finds Dr. Ashwood has a connection to his social life. And even more so when a connection between the doctor and one of Laurence’s colleagues comes to light. In short, there’s far more to this psychologist than Laurence ever could have imagined.

This isn’t a too long of a story, and it’s interesting enough to keep readers engaged for that length. The character interactions and the mystery provide a few unexpected twists. But it also doesn’t take too much sleuthing to pinpoint the right suspect when things go south.

What is lacking here is a solid foundation for the world in which the story takes place. It comes together as the story progresses. But I do think readers will find they start at a bit of a loss. As I got closer to the end, things fell into place, but some readers might not be as comfortable with that approach. And it did make some pieces in the beginning a bit difficult to follow.

But it is an enjoyable read and it’s entertaining enough for sure.