Wildflowers by Suki Fleet


Wildflowers by Suki Fleet

Published by: Dreamspinner Press on July 13, 2016
Rating: 4 stars (★★★★☆)

Xavi hasn’t had the best luck in the love department. And as a result, he’s become a bit of a loner, keeping everyone at a distance. Why let people get close when caring only leads to hurt and heartbreak?

One person Xavi’s connected with is Sam. But Sam has his own pain. He’s sick–Xavi’s not sure with what–and he’s made one single request. Sam wants Xavi to stay with him until he’s gone. And Xavi agrees, relying on the “I don’t really care for anyone” attitude he hopes will get him through.

As the two go on a cross-country trip, however, Xavi realizes that letting Sam slip away might be harder than he imagined. And maybe with the right support, Sam might not be as intent on just giving up. But how can Xavi change Sam’s mind when he’s already made such a major decision? And can he convince Sam to trust him to be something other than what he’s presented to the world for so long?

I now know that when I pick up a Suki Fleet novel, it’s going to be one that pulls at the heartstrings. This author has an amazing ability to tell deep, emotional stories that manage to be a bit rough around the edges. These characters are far from perfect. But you root for them every step of the way, even when they’re driving you up a wall because of the decisions they’re making.

Despite the emotional nature of the story, there’s never a feeling of angst for angst’s sake, which I think we get from many romance authors (especially M/M) these days. Fleet’s storytelling is unique in that regard and very refreshing.