Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander

Series: Shattered Glass, Book 1
Published by: Dani Alexander on January 31, 2012
Rating: 4 stars (★★★★☆)

Detective Austin Glass doesn’t really take life seriously. He’s never really had to. He has a rather large trust fund for financial security. He’s a successful detective with his sights set on the FBI. And he has a beautiful fiancée. Things are sailing smoothly down Austin’s chosen track.

But when Austin is waiting in a diner for an informant who never shows up, things change. That change comes in the form of a busboy in bunny slippers who steals and holds Austin’s attention. He takes over Austin’s thoughts, intriguing and confusing him in ways he never thought possible. But the innocent looking busboy comes with a whole lot of baggage–probably just about as much as Austin carries around on his own.

In no short time at all, Austin finds his whole world changing. The challenge Peter provides for him is more than just a physical one. It’s mental, it’s emotional, and it might be exactly what he needs. Even if there are moments when his “better judgment” might want to tell him otherwise…

Not all relationships start out like fairy tales tell us they do. Sometimes they build from a whim we don’t understand. Sometimes we want to simultaneously chase after and run from the person who stands before us. And sometimes it’s the challenge of breaking down walls that draws us to someone in the first place.

Austin and Peter are a great example of all those things. Fighting for the person you’re attracted to while fighting against that attraction sounds like it shouldn’t be possible. Those things should be mutually exclusive, right? Not at all. And the tension and banter that results is entertaining and heartening to read. Sometimes you just have to be willing to get over yourself long enough to realize someone might want you for exactly who you are…

This is my first book from this author, and I’m so glad I discovered it. And the ending–well, I know I can’t wait to pick up book two!