A Christmas Bonus by E.M. Lynley

A Christmas Bonus

A Christmas Bonus by E.M. Lynley

Published by: Silk Road Press on December 17, 2014 (2nd edition)
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Alec Compton is so close to making partner as his Wall Street investment firm. There’s just one catch: he needs to close a deal that one of his colleagues couldn’t, and he has to do it by the end of the year. And the end of the year is only a couple of weeks away. Alec springs into action, taking a meeting right away with the intended buyer, Brant Linton. Brant is a billionaire, and a well-known mogul of corporate mergers and acquisitions. And, as Alec quickly observes, he’s incredibly attractive. Alec walks away from their meeting with a plan, and it seems like everything is in order. Until a falling out between Brant and his current boyfriend causes him to leave town early for the holidays. Not to be deterred, Alec follows Brant, willing to go to any length to get him to sign the deal. And Alec’s resolve is quickly tested; Brant’s sister has forbidden any business dealings over the holidays, so Alec must pose as Brant’s boyfriend if he’s going to have the chance to convince Brant to sign the contract. But will what appears to be mutual attraction be a help or a hindrance to getting Alec toward his goal? And if sparks do fly, are either of them really willing to mix business with pleasure?

There are so many layers to this story: mixing business with something more, family drama, sibling rivalry and competition, career versus relationships, and the ends justifying the means. Don’t let that scare you into think this is a heavy or heady story; it’s not. It’s an easy and entertaining read. But there’s a realness to the characters and the situations that provides the opportunity for readers to think through some of the complexities that exist in our lives: work, family, love, and otherwise.