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This week I’ve ventured north to FanExpo Canada in Toronto. Talk about a humongous convention! (Total attendance expected to reach 140,000. After wandering around here for a few days, I think they probably hit that mark.) It’s been an interesting experience, both as my first visit to Toronto and to be at a convention of this size.

One thing that has hit me, perhaps partly due to just coming off of WorldCon a couple weeks ago, is that I think I’ve become less enamored of the commercial cons. Yes, they’re the ones that bring in the big media celebrities from movies and TV. But they’re also expensive, overcrowded, and clearly focused on making money off of fans. The contrast to a fan-run, nonprofit convention like WorldCon is a stark one.

I already planned to focus more on the fan-run conventions in the next year due to my schedule. But I have a feeling I can expect a better overall experience for me in the end anyway…