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New Year, New Perspectives

ID-100291747I can’t help describing this past year as wonderful.  I’ve been very fortunate in many different areas in my life, but even if I just focus on this blog, I have only good things to report.  This year the blog moved to its new home, I moved to daily posting of content (with at least 3 reviews per week), expanded the types of non-review content, reviewed for more new authors and publishers at their request, and generally just had a great time sharing my love of books.

Going into 2015, I hope to continue the momentum of this year.  I have some plans to continue expanding the content and working to bring more new release and pre-release reviews to my followers and readers.

One key change that I’ve already implemented has to do with the type of reviews posted here.  Although I didn’t have many, there are no longer any one- or two-star reviews posted here on the blog and there won’t be any more going forward.  Since I see the posting of reviews here as recommendations, it doesn’t seem very useful to make posts for books I wouldn’t recommend.  I also find that in the case of two-star reviews, many times it’s just a case of the book not clicking for me though someone else might find it very enjoyable.  Posting my review here in isolation doesn’t provide much to go on for someone who might be interested in something I didn’t like.  So those reviews will only be seen on my Goodreads profile (and in some cases retailer websites) where they can exist in the context of other reviews and reviewers.  I’m hoping this makes the blog even more of a resource for readers and ensure it stays a positive space that celebrates books for the wonders they are.

Thanks for sticking with me this year and I look forward to continuing to share and interact in 2015…

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