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Spring Break on the Blog!

It’s Spring Break Here at ConvergenceBookReviews

I’m currently traveling on a mini-vacation to welcome in spring, so the blog has been quiet for a couple of days and will continue to be through the remainder of the weekend. It’s a spring break of sorts. The upside is that I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading. Of course that means I have some great books to recommend to you all once I’m back home. (I always love the amount of reading I manage to get done when I’m traveling.)

I hope each of you had an amazing week! And I wish you all an even better weekend!

Summer Travels as a Double-Edged Sword

So I’m into another busy travel part of the summer (hence things slowing down just a bit with posting again), and am off to Texas in just a couple of days for a wedding. The downside is that it becomes a bit more challenging to stay on top of review posting and whatnot here on the blog. The upside is that I read quite a bit when I travel, especially by airplane.  On my July trip to a conference on the east coast, I read a whopping 15 books between the two plane rides combined. So while you may not hear from me much for the next few days, know that I’m queuing up some great books to tell you about upon my return!


So things were silent this week as I was off to an academic conference.  Normally I would queue some things up, but I was fairly busy beforehand since i was presenting at the conference, but now I’m back and getting caught up on everything.  In all, I did read 14 books and short stories during the flights back and forth, so it was still very productive on the reading front.

One exciting piece of news to share, though, is that the Gay Romance Northwest Conference registration information has been posted.  I attended this event last year and it was pretty awesome. There was a ton of free books, some great author panels, and a fun author meet-and-greet/book fair following the event.  I picked up a number of free books, purchase a couple as well, and met some of my favorite authors in the genre (and collected some autographs).  The event is running at the same price as last year (17.50 until the end of August, then 25) and the list of attending authors is already pretty great.  I’ll be attending and recommend it to anyone who will be in the Seattle area and has an interest in LGBTQ stories…

Summer Travels

I have a fair amount of summer traveling coming up.  I have cross-country trips by airplane in June, July, and August.  I also have a mini road trip for June and a longer road trip planned for early September.  The advantage to this is that I expect to get a fair amount of reading done–it’s my go-to activity when I’m on the plane or waiting for a transfer and my plan is to be a passenger on all of the road trips too.  The downside is that it means there may be times when posting gets a bit more sporadic.  I aim to try to queue things up in advance so as to not miss a beat, but that might not always be possible.  So if things go silent for a few days, fear not.  Things will pick back up as soon as I get a chance.