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You’re Saying It Wrong by Ross Petras & Kathryn Petras

You're Saying It Wrong

You’re Saying It Wrong: A Pronunciation Guide to the 150 Most Commonly Mispronounced Words and Their Tangled History of Misuse by Ross Petras & Kathryn Petras

Published by: Ten Speed Press on September 13, 2016
Rating: 4 stars (★★★★☆)

We all know those words or phrases that people say wrong and it gets on our nerves. And we also have those words that we say, and we’re just not sure if we’re saying it’s right. And where do some of these seemingly nonsensical words and idioms come from?

Ross and Kathryn Petras have assembled 150 commonly mispronounced words and phrases in the English language in one comprehensive resource. In addition to providing the common mispronunciations and the correct way to say it, they provide historical context and anecdotes to go along with it. In a nonjudgemental fashion, the authors present the correct way to say it and why.

So whether it’s those misstatements that bug you (mine: anyway, bruschetta, Daylight Saving Time, for all intents and purposes, irregardless, mascarpone, utmost) or the ones you didn’t know you were staying wrong (mine: electoral, homage, spit and image), it’s all here. It’s also a quick read, so why not pick it up and give it a chance. It will validate your pet peeves and teach you a thing or two in the process.

[Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.]