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Saving His Soldier by Kay McKinnon

Saving His Soldier

Saving His Soldier by Kay McKinnon

Published by: Spunk Books on January 1, 2016
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Connor Thorne is a former Navy SEAL content to live out his life on a secluded island with his dog and the lighthouse. After everything he’s been through, he’s not great with people. And he knows the scar on his face makes people not so great with him. So he looks forward to the winter months when he is the only one on the island.

But this year, the owner of the inn that serves as a tourist getaway in the summer has hired an winter caretaker. And Thorne knows there’s no way he’s going to be able to avoid the only other person on the island for that long. Especially when he holds the only way to contact the mainland. But that doesn’t mean they need to get to know each other, right?

Zach Keegan, veterinarian-turned-writer, has taken the caretaker job to getaway. His fiancée cheated on him with his brother, and he’s still not over the betrayal. He’s hoping some time by himself will help him get past it. And how hard can it be to take care of an empty in for a few months?

What neither of them counts on is Thorne’s dog, Wilson, who shows up on Zach’s doorstep the first morning he’s on the island. A bit of a stubborn dog, he brings the two of them together, though Thorne is still reluctant to make any sort of connection.

But after Thorne saves Zach’s life, the two open up and learn that it might just be possible for them to save each other in ways they’d never expected.

This was a short, fast-paced read. The lives of these two–and their coming together–possessed and intensity that I appreciated as a reader. And there was something about Thorne that was endearing, despite his curmudgeonly ways.

The relationship development is also handled quite well. It’s slow and reluctant. It reflects the personalities of both characters very well. Not only their cautious natures, but their apparent passionate tendencies–these guys don’t do things halfway.

I’d say this is definitely an uplifting story, but there are a few drops of angst sprinkled in just because of both characters’ pasts. Certainly a recommended read when you’re wanting something nice–but maybe not too nice.