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Family Man by Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton

Family Man

Family Man by Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton

Published by: Samhain Publishing on March 12, 2013
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Vince Fierro is forty and still bouncing back from his third divorce. His job with a family plumbing firm is going well. But Vince knows something’s missing in his life. And when he works on a job for a gay couple, he starts to wonder if there’s a reason his marriages failed. Could Vince be gay? He doesn’t think so. And he can’t be. That doesn’t jive with being an Irish Catholic, after all. After getting some advice from his sister, he sets out to explore the gay bars of Chicago to see if anyone stirs his interest. And no one does until he runs into someone he knows from his neighborhood.

Trey Giles keeps busier than anyone else he knows. He’s going to school, working two jobs, taking care of his grandmother, and dealing with his alcoholic mother. There’s no time for a relationship, or even a hookup, so he’s never pursued one. But when he spots Vince Fierro at a bar in Boystown, he can’t help but ask some questions. And even though Vince tells Trey he doesn’t think he’s gay, Trey sees something that makes him think otherwise. And he figures he can make some time to help Vince find his way.

But can Vince come to terms with who he is? And how will he reconcile it with his religion and his family? And even if he does, can Trey make time for the two of them to be together?

Taking a journey with these two guys was quite fun. And I enjoyed hearkening back to the year that I lived in Chicago with all the local references. Even better than they were all spot on.

I honestly had expected to see Vince do a bit more soul searching regarding his sexuality. We really didn’t see too much struggling aside from a few moments or how it appeared to Trey without getting a chance to see things from Vince’s perspective. And while I sympathized with Trey’s position near the end, exploring his feelings a bit more from his perspective would likely help readers who don’t have the experience of dealing with a loved one who is an addict or an alcoholic.

Overall, though, this is an enjoyable read and it warrants a recommendation from me!

Damned If You Do by Marie Sexton

Damned If You Do

Damned If You Do by Marie Sexton

Published by: Samhain Publishing on June 14, 2016
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Abaddon is down to his last chance. If he doesn’t do something to meet his quota for soul collection soon, he’ll be demoted a less than desirable job. He needs a big score. And he knows just where to get it.

Traveling to “the Bible Belt,” Abaddon quickly finds Seth, a blind musician who is part of a traveling revival. His purity quickly draws Abaddon in. Seth’s soul would be an ultimate score. But Abaddon is drawn to Seth in other ways too–ways that make his task more difficult to complete than he expected.

But there’s something about Seth that Abaddon can’t quite figure out. There’s more to Seth’s story than Seth himself might even know. At the end of it all, will Abaddon be able to collect Seth’s soul knowing what it means for him? Or will be willing to walk away to save Seth while sacrificing himself to an eternity of one of the worst jobs in Hell?

The opening here is right out of Charlie Daniels song–and it didn’t strike me as a particularly original approach. Sadly, that really colored the way I read the rest of the book. It took a long time for me to get past that and into the story, which is actually an interesting one. Had it not been for that scene, I feel like it would have been easier to connect with the story. It was more distracting than anything else.

Abaddon and Seth certainly experience a quick-build relationship. It borders a bit on unbelievable, but as the rest of the story unfolds, it all ends up making sense.

If you’re looking for something that will let you just sort of roll with the story, this book would be one of those. It’s not going to require you to think too much, and it’s likely to keep you entertained.

[Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.]

Promises by Marie Sexton

7493186Title: Promises (Coda Books, Book 1)
Author: Marie Sexton
Published: January 7, 2010
Pages: 228
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher Link: link
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Very few times can I say I’ve read a book that just pulled me into its world as quickly as this one did. Jared and Matt just have this quality that makes me not only want to know what happens to them, but also feel totally invested in their story. As someone who spent most of his life in a small town, I could definitely relate to Jared’s reservations about the homophobia and the way people in his community gossip – his fears and worries come across as very realistic. The relationship in this book is developed masterfully, and I certainly look forward to continuing this series and spending more time in Coda.