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The Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters

The Angel of 13th Street

The Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters

Series: The Angel of 13th Street, Book 1
Published by:
 Torquere Press on May 12, 2010
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Jeremy Kincaid is hiding out. He loved his boyfriend, and he thought his boyfriend loved him. But he’s not willing to live the life of a hustler, selling himself on the street, even if it’s for love. And when he crosses paths with Noah Everett, a kind man who seems interested in helping him with no expectation of anything in return, he thinks he may have found his way out. But this is not Noah’s first entanglement with the men who want Jeremy to come work for them. He has a history of helping young men get out, and that history has not gone unnoticed. Their meeting may be what puts Jeremy’s would-be boss over the edge, but it also might be what sets the stage for both of them to finally be free of their pasts. If they can make it through to the end, that is…

Complex characters with storied histories and lots of baggage pepper this story from beginning to end. There are twists and connections that may not immediately be expected, but once they are explained they make total sense and are part of spinning together the web that is at the heart of this entire story. The characters are dynamic and easy to connect to, and I found myself lost in the world of this story a little more quickly than I had initially expected. It’s a relatively easy and quick read, sure to entertain while pulling at the heartstrings just a bit at the same time.

Dear Mister President by Adam Fitzroy

Dear Mister President

Dear Mister President by Adam Fitzroy

Published by: Manifold Press on May 1, 2010
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

When Air Force Colonel Chad Ryan thwarted an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States, he was just doing his job. So the offer to join the White House staff that comes his way is completely unexpected. It’s even more unexpected that his job seems to involve becoming friends with the entire First Family. But if that’s what President Douglas Kearney expects, Chad will comply. It’s easy to admire a man who is as confident and handsome as Doug, after all. But as the two spend more time together, Chad begins to pick up on some signals that make him wonder if the two might become more than friends. But if they do, what will that mean for Chad? For the President? For the President’s family? For the country?

Hearing the concept of this book, it’s very easy to write it off as something that could never happen. How ridiculous, right? But if one takes a moment to think about it, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. And the way the author has constructed this story, it definitely reads as believable. And now I find myself wondering when we’ll see a gay relationship in the White House. It should only be a matter of time, after all…

Title: The Red Pyramid
Author: Rick Riordan
Publication Date: May 4, 2010

Rating: ★ ★ ★  ☆
In one night, the lives of Carter and Sadie Kane are changed forever. After their father releases Egyptian gods that have been imprisoned for centuries and is taken captive by one of them, they find themselves on the run in world they barely know. They quickly learn the history of their family and are forced toward a destiny they never wanted nor expected.

I’ve been enjoying the Percy Jackson series, so I definitely had to pick this up and give it a try. My personal love of mythology and ancient culture just seems to keep being fed well by Rick Riordan’s books. And the masterful way he presents this book in first person – alternating between the two very distinct voices of Carter and Sadie – makes it very easy to get drawn into the world of the Kanes. There were a few parts I thought were just a bit slow – hence the rating of 4 instead of 5 – but I highly, highly recommend this and plan to pick up the second book once I’m caught up on the Heroes of Olympus series.