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Owning Corey by Maris Black

Owning Corey

Owning Corey by Maris Black

Published by: newBIGmedia on August 11, 2013
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

From the outside, Ben Hardy appears to have it all. He’s a medical chief of staff. He has a large house and a nice car. He has a beautiful girlfriend. But what no one knows is that he’s planning to break up with her tomorrow. And he’s still trying to find himself.

When his girlfriend approaches with Corey, the mysterious new EMT, Ben is intrigued. And that intrigue reaches a new height when he learns that her goal is to invite Corey into their bedroom. The idea is shocking to Ben at first, but as he considers it some more, he realizes he might be interested in the idea.

Learning that Corey is living in a dicey part of town, Ben invites him to move into his pool house. There’s something about Corey that Ben appreciates, but when they make good on their threesome, he slowly begins to realize that something might not be what he imagined at all. But is Ben gay? And is Corey? And if they are, could Ben really be with a guy?

These questions are all interrupted by secrets from Corey’s past that haunt him. And those secrets just might put both Corey and Ben in danger.

It’s interesting how one little request can turn someone’s life upside down. Although Ben knew he wanted to make a change, he never expected to have the catalyst to do so that showed up in his life just a few hours later. But sometimes it is those things that shake us up that help us see that we haven’t really been living as we should.

The relationship builds quickly here, but there are things that happen that this can be attributed to. And although I would have liked to see these two together a bit more, that seems like more of a personal preference than anything else. Definitely an interesting read for sure.