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A Pirate’s Life for Me: Captain and First Mate by Tricia Owens

A Pirate's Life for Me

Book Info

Title: A Pirate’s Life for Me: Captain and First Mate (A Pirate’s Life, Book 1)
Author: Tricia Owens
Published: January 14, 2012
Pages: 178
Publisher: Tricia Owens
Publisher’s Website: link
Rating: ★★★


On the heels of breaking up with his girlfriend, Lucas accepts a job in a titillating pirate show on a resort island in the Caribbean. He feels like this will be the kind of change he needs and it will give him a fresh start. There’s one catch: Lucas didn’t realize there were two shows on the island, one gay and one straight. It turns out he’s been cast in the gay show. Not wanting to turn around, he tells himself he can pretend–he was hired to act after all. But when his fellow cast members find out the truth, he realizes it might be harder to pretend than he expected. And once he gets his first glimpse of the show, he finds himself wondering just how much pretending he’ll really need to do…

This was…interesting. And I say that in a good way. It was definitely different from many of the m/m books I’ve read recently. The concept is original, and I feel like this book serves as a good start to what appears to be a trilogy of books with a number of tie-in stories written by the author. There are a few moments where I had to suspend my disbelief, but I was certainly willing to do so in order to go along for the journey. I am indeed looking forward to picking up the next installment.