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Letters from a Cowboy by Sue Brown

Letters from a Cowboy by Sue BrownTitle: Letters from a Cowboy (Morning Report, Book 4)
Author: Sue Brown
Published: June 10, 2015
Pages: 154
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher Website: link
Rating: ★★★

Luke and Simon found a box of letters that appear to have been exchanged between a couple from the past–Chip and Simon–and know nothing more of them than what is in those letters. As Luke and Simon are getting married, they end up reflecting on these letters as the story of Chip and Simon unfolds.

The story flashes back to 1954. Simon has just left his last job when he had to brake things off with the ranch owner’s son. He could fly under the radar on his own, but a relationship like that would be difficult to hide. Not long after arriving at the Tamar Ranch, sparks start to fly between Simon and one of the other ranch hands, Chip. They know it’s dangerous to even steal private moments when they can, and they soon learn that their secret is not nearly as secret as they believed it to be. They’re faced with two options: continue their relationship in secret and simply hope they don’t get caught or break it off and try to work alongside each other without being intimate despite their feelings. But Simon knows there’s a third option, and it’s one he considers without realizing the full extent of possible consequences.

Talk about a real, gritty, well-written historical romance. This isn’t all sunshine and rainbows–being gay in 1954 alone should tell you that–but it’s not a total downer, either. Simon and Chip are great characters, and I found myself really enjoying the dynamics of several of the secondary characters as well. It was very easy to get lost in their world.

Although this is the fourth book in a series, it definitely stands on its own as it tells the story of a couple from the past. I’ve not read any of the other books (though I’m thinking now I will), and I had no trouble following the plot or understanding what was happening. Definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys historical m/m–especially those cowboys and ranch hands. This won’t disappoint, for sure!