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An Unsettled Range by Andrew Grey

An Unsettled Range

An Unsettled Range by Andrew Grey

Series: Stories from the Range, Book 3
Published by: Dreamspinner Press on January 8, 2012
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Liam Southard may be at the end of the line. He ran away from his abusive father for the promise of a job. But when he got there, he was sent away. And he hasn’t been able to find work since. Hungry, thirsty, exhausted, and overheated, he passes out on the side of the road. But he’s fortunate when two men find him and bring him home to get cleaned up and back on his feet. He’s even more fortunate when he learns they’re willing to give him a job on their ranch.

Troy Gardner needs some time alone. So he’s gone to his uncle’s cabin to live with his thoughts for a while. When he’s startled by a young man wandering onto the property, he turns a gun on him and tells him to leave. And within moments he regrets his action. Because not only has the man done nothing wrong, he is one of the most beautiful men Troy has ever seen. And so he sets out to apologize and make things right with Liam.

But even though there’s a mutual attraction between Troy and Liam, both men have baggage from their pasts that might threaten the chances of a lasting and meaningful relationship.

If you know the formula that Andrew Grey’s stories tend to follow, you’ll see it in this one. As is typical, both men come to the relationship with an issue that needs to be sorted. And they work together to eventually try to solve it. In this one, though, the supporting cast (all the guys from the previous books in the series) provide a different sort of backdrop for the story. And it has that much more of a hook as a result.