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Double Full by Kindle Alexander

Double Full

Double Full by Kindle Alexander

Series: Nice Guys, Book 1
Published by: Kindle Alexander on October 7, 2013
Rating: 3 stars (★★★☆☆)

Star quarterback Colton Michaels takes a chance one night in the locker room during his senior year of college: he lets cheerleader Jace Montgomery know he finds him attractive. The two share an intense sexual moment before parting ways. Then Colt takes it a step further, inviting Jace to spend the break with him in Hawaii. But after a few bliss-filled days in paradise, Colt’s world comes crashing down. The reality of his future as a professional football star and a continued relationship with Jace are in direct conflict. And those around Colt make it clear what will happen to him–and to Jace–if things continue. Colt is left only with his career and alcohol to get him through his loss.

Heartbroken by Colt’s abandonment, Jace managed to make the best of things. He’s built the largest and most successful cheerleading gym in the country. And while his success has brought him some fulfillment, there’s something missing. So when Colt shows up in Hawaii when Jace is there on vacation, his heart leaps at the chance to have Colt back in his life after a ten-year absence. But he also knows he can’t go through losing Colt all over again. Can Colt really reconcile a life with Jace and his career? Can Jace find a way to trust that Colt will stay this time? And what of those outside forces that interfered the first time they found each other? Will they let them ride off into the sunset?

Yeah, yeah. There seems to be no shortage of the “jock must stay in the closet to have a professional career” m/m romance stories these days. It’s such a common trope that the sheer volume alone must tell us that there are more than a handful of men living this life at present. And it also makes one wonder when we will reach the day where we read one of these and go “really?” But the fact remains, it is still culturally a “thing.”

What makes this one different is the very real outside forces that are stopping Colt from living his life the way he would like. It’s not so much that he fears what his team or the fans will say. No, he has some incredible family pressures, threats of violence, and legitimate reasons to fear for Jace’s safety. I can assure you that you will find Colt’s father disgusting. But there are still those who have to live Colt’s reality in this regard too.

In our lives, we have to make choices. And there are moments where we have to weigh following our hearts or following our heads. And sometimes we have to decide if we want to follow our heart in one direction or go the opposite–both showing that we care, just in different ways. To love takes courage, even when it’s not in the face of physical violence. In caring for someone and embracing them fully, we risk giving up parts of ourselves we can’t get back. We risk losing them and never being able to fill the hole that is left when they go. But we gain loving support in return. We gain the opportunity live our lives fully. We gain a truth that isn’t found in any other act…