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Medusa’s Revenge by Brian Trent

Medusa’s Revenge by Brian Trent

Published by: Daily Science Fiction on June 13, 2016
Rating: 4 stars (★★★★☆)


When Sergeant Percy and Detective Cassie receive a dire warning from the Sybil, they need to decide what to do. While they know Prisoner X is dangerous, there are many other worries plaguing the city. But any tip from the Sybil is worth investigating. So they set off for her island prison to investigate.

But even with the Sybil’s warning, will anyone be able to stop what’s to come?

A delightful short story that takes ancient mythology into the present day. The question of how the characters and creatures of mythology would interact with modern technology is an interesting one to consider. And in just a short amount of words, Brian Trent gives us a great answer to that question and an entertaining and thoughtful story.