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One Perfect Wish by L.M. Brown

One Perfect Wish

Book Info

Title: One Perfect Wish
Author: L.M. Brown
Published: January 2, 2015
Pages: 61
Publisher: Totally Bound
Publisher’s Website: link
Rating: ★★★


Scott Baxter isn’t sure what to think when he wakes up in Cameron Kirk’s bed and is referred to has his husband. Scott’s never met Cameron before, and he would certainly remember getting married. He soon learns he’s been put there by a djinn; he’s been sent to give Cameron a perfect day with his husband, the love of his life. Scott finds this hard to believe. How can he be the love of someone’s life if the two of them have never met? As the day goes on, though, Scott starts to see how the two of them just might be made for each other. And when the day ends, he sets out on a personal mission to track down Cameron. There’s just one problem: it’s too late for anything to happen between them beyond the one short day that they shared.

The idea of being forced into spending a day with someone is not very appealing and definitely sounds a bit nonconsensual. But even though Scott can’t leave, there’s nothing that really feels like he’s forced into anything specific. And the overall concept here is an intriguing one, based on the idea that there is a perfect someone out there for everyone, sometimes you just haven’t met them yet. And even if you haven’t met them before it’s too late, maybe there’s still a chance?