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Throwaway Card by A.J. Marcus

Throwaway Card

Book Info

Title: Throwaway Card
Author: A.J. Marcus
Published: June 12, 2015
Pages: 200
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher’s Website: link
Rating: ★★★


Hugh Lafoux is a former Civil War solder turned card shark doing very well for himself on the riverboat casinos on the Mississippi. But when the owner of one of those boats suspects Hugh of cheating, he has him roughed up and thrown overboard. To Hugh’s fortune, he is discovered by Cotton Freeman, a former slave turned alligator hunter, who carries him home and plans to help nurse Hugh back to health. It isn’t long before the too begin to feel a mutual attraction and decide to explore what that might mean. It’s not as easy as all of that, though. Hugh is supposed to be dead. And even though Cotton is free, it doesn’t mean everyone in the area feels things should be that way. Will Hugh and Cotton–and their love–be able to survive?

I’m always appreciative of historical fiction that makes it easy to feel immersed in another place and time. In Throwaway Card, A.J. Marcus has definitely created a story that does just that. Things are very different for Hugh and Cotton than they are today. But in this novel, not only do readers get a story of the time that reads and feels authentic, but they also get one that shows the parallels that make their story almost timeless. The things we want, the obstacles we face, and the power of love might manifest in different ways throughout time. But they’re still there. They’re always there.